Third week in a row, cops in Yangshan island stopped me to question. This happened only when i was there alone. I visited the island at-least a few dozen times with Kevin since last year and this year, this is the first time cops are bothered to question, probably i would have looked like a “Chitauri” for them instead of “Captain America”.Back in February while returning from Yancheng with Kevin we made a detour to Yangkou to look for those “5K” Eurasian Oystercatchers. We did not see any Oystercatcher but i found some nice habitat which i thought would best suit for the Little Curlew. Even though it was nearing darkness at 6.30PM on May 10th. I drove straight to the place and i was totally stumbled by the dozen Little Curlews present in the same area. I watched those Little Curlews feeding in the rain till it turned out to pitch black darkness. A target bird eluded me for 3 years and a find of my own will be a long lasting memory. The birds migration strategy¬†in the East-Asian-Australian flyway is very little studied. A very good long distant migrant which is under studied. (May it doesn’t necessarily meet the demand of “How to Photograph Brown-eared Pheasants in Jiaocheng?”)


This year Birdlife Australia has attached Satellite Transmitters to 5 Little Curlews.The details of the project can be seen here.

Some photos below of the Little Curlew, my ¬†high and only priority bird for this year’s spring. Hope the cause of their population decline will be identified and conservation measures are put in place.


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