This is not the Cultural Crab Festival which happens in Yangcheng every year. This (troll)crab festival is dedicated to the migrants and residents of Yangkou.

When the high tide starts to move out, the birds will be in total haywire, running across the mudflats to catch the mudflat creatures. Most of the Plovers they mainly feed on the lugworms, the Shanks love the crabs. This Common Redshank had such an appetite, it finished several crabs in no time.

Common Redshank


Common Redshank


Common Greenshank


This Common Greenshank was a very great hunter however, he wasn’t successful in holding his priced hunt, the local mobster “Saunder’s Gull“, chased him away and stole his precious lunch.

Saunders Gull

Grey Plover

This photo is from last year, a “Grey Plover” trying to get the lugworm out,